Unique Student Learning Opportunities:

Critical Thinking

The Course Challenge is an independent problem solving activity that can be used as a capstone project or an ongoing experience. Students work through steps to research and defend solutions to a real-world problem related to their learning.


Each lesson contains engaging formative practice activities and a self-graded quiz.

Diagnostic Pre-test

The unit pre-test assesses prior content and vocabulary knowledge, allowing teachers to personalize learning for students.

Vocabulary First

Each lesson provides an opportunity for students to learn relevant vocabulary before they jump into the content. This helps them quickly comprehend the lesson content while avoiding common misunderstandings.


Students answer questions about what they learned in a course journal. This reflection combines with teacher feedback to help learning stick.

Project vs. Test

All lessons contain a summative test as well as a unit project. Students can use either of these to demonstrate mastery of the material.

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Unique Instructional Opportunities:

  • Customizable Scope and Sequence
  • Customizable Lessons and Grading
  • Auto-scored and open-ended options
  • Note-taking Tools
  • Advanced Organizer
  • Analytic Rubric
  • Authentic Unit Projects
  • Diagnostic Pre-test to Personalize Learning
  • Assessment Variety
  • Aligned to Common Core

Algebra 1 A

This algebra I course provides the basic principles, concepts and techniques necessary for success in higher level mathematics. Content is aligned to Common Core State Standards and uses essential questions to guide learning. Students are asked to think mathematically about daily activities, use tools and methods strategically, collaborate with other students, tie concepts to existing knowledge and reflect on their learning.

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English 11 A

This course emphasizes the theme of the emerging American voice in literature prior to 1900. The Common Core aligned course is divided into 4 units. Each unit contains vocabulary and reading strategies, as well as selections of literature and various literary techniques. The course also includes a final project and final exam.

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U.S. History 1 A

As this course begins, students are introduced to our first President of the United States and asked to engage in the difficulties he faced shaping the nation. As the course progresses they come to understand the growing pains that accompanied the quest to maintain freedom for some and slavery for others. Students finally arrive in a society on the brink of civil war. This Common Core aligned course has 5 units and focuses on a student’s ability to identify the impact and contributions of individuals; documents, artifacts and historical places; influences of continuity and change; and conflict and cooperation among groups.

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Biology 1 A

In this “study of life” course, students will learn about atoms, matter, and cells-how they work and where they are found. They will discover how living things obtain energy, use energy and interact with the environment. This course is aligned to NGSS and Common Core Literacy Standards.

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Spanish 1

Spanish I A is designed to develop an authentic and practical understanding of the Spanish language and culture. Students will have the ability to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions in the target language within basic, real-life situations and learning scenarios. All new concepts will be introduced in context while incorporating various listening, speaking and writing activities.

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