An Open Letter to our Clients from Pam Birtolo, GPA President


Dear GPA Friends:

Every high school student knows the story of Mark Twain’s first death. In 1897, he was on a worldwide speaking tour trying to pay off some large debts. During his stop in London, someone started a rumor that he was very ill. Then the rumor grew and pretty soon, people were saying he died. Finally, newspapers started printing his obituary.

When a reporter told Twain about this, he supposedly joked:

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

For those of you who really care about accuracy in your historic anecdotes, he actually said:

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.”


Over the past few weeks I have often thought of this quote as I’ve heard rumors that we are going out of business or that we are out of business. We’ve heard we are going to abandon our customers…. leave them with no courses and no learning management systems. We’ve heard that we are already gone. I actually heard that even I don’t exist!

Let’s stop that rumor mill now. We want you to know:

The report of our GPA death is grossly exaggerated!

It is true that we have been right-sizing GPA to serve you better so some staff faces are gone. It is true that we were too small to support all of the leadership team we had so some executive team faces are gone.  Meanwhile, it is also true that we have refocused on you so some of your phone calls are being answered faster. It is true that we are listening to you so some changes you requested have already been made. Most importantly, it is true that we want to be a part of your online and blended learning success story. We want your business today and tomorrow.

My little town of Flagler Beach, FL, its homes, and its beautiful 40-block beach, are recovering from Hurricane Matthew and I see so many similarities between what is going on at home and what is going on at work.

Flagler Beach and GPA are both resilient.

Flagler Beach and GPA are both small yet strong.

Flagler Beach and GPA have both gone through a stressful change.


Flagler Beach beaches are open and so is GPA!