Expand Student Opportunities

Enroll Them with Global Personalized Academy

If students are requesting courses that don’t line up with your current schedule or staffing, we can help. Enroll students with GPA and our highly qualified teachers will work with them online, while students are at school or at home. Expand your school offerings in STEM, AP, core, electives, credit recovery and a variety of languages by partnering with GPA to create a virtual solution.


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Competency-based Learning Icon

Competency-based Learning

At the beginning of each unit, we measure what the student already knows about the content. Based on that assessment, we personalize learning for each student to close the gaps in their knowledge and skills. Students then have a choice on how they demonstrate mastery. They can pass a unit assessment or complete the unit project.

Project-based Learning Icon

Project-based Learning

Every course presents students with a course challenge that motivates them to solve a real-world problem and apply college and career readiness skills to demonstrate deep understanding.

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Live Lessons

Twice a week, students take part in live sessions with teachers and their peers. In these sessions, students get personal help and guidance on completing their course work. To see a sample live lesson, click here.




Start Your Own Online or Blended Program

If you’re interested in starting a virtual school, moving to a blended learning model or introducing digital tools into your traditional classroom, we have a team of experienced educators that can help you get started. As a network of blended schools, we’ve been through dozens of district transformations and learned many lessons along the way. We can help you avoid pot holes, provide free resources, and connect you with the similar districts and schools that may be able to help.

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Success Stories

Real stories from real districts using GPA solutions (formerly Blended School Networks).

Upper St. Clair School District

“What I really like about it is the ability to have quizzes and tests, the ability to have interactive assignments when I’m not there, or when I am there and have kids work pretty much at their own pace.”

Mr. Todd Ollendyke

Computer Science Instructor, Classrooms for The Future Coach

North Hills School District

“We had all of our advanced placement college and high school teachers trained in Blended Schools, basically to use it for the discussion board. You can now do discussions with your students beyond the classroom, you can do reviews with your students outside of the regular school day. And that small project exploded into North Hills offering its own online courses using the Blended Schools package.”

Mr. Patrick Mannarino

Principal North Hills Senior High School






Blended Learning Professional Development

We have a variety of ways to teach instructors how to use the latest digital tools and techniques for both blended learning and virtual instruction.


Self-Directed FREE Resources

A library of blended learning tips and tools for classroom teachers.

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Teacher-led Online Training

Online courses for those wanting to become virtual teachers, create online curriculum or improve their use of digital tools in the classroom.

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Face-to-Face Training

Customized professional development solutions for districts.

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