Blended 101

This free step-by-step guide will walk you through the basics of using digital tools in a traditional classroom. You’ll learn how to identify your blended learning needs, gather resources, choose the right model, and customize curriculum to fit your situation. Interested in Project-based Learning? Flipping your classroom? Designing your own assessments? We’ll cover all of that and more with links to more in-depth resources.



Free Resources 






Learn How To Become an Online Instructor

How does online teaching compare with face-to-face teaching? Find the answer in GPA’s Professional Development Course—Online Teacher. This asynchronous teacher-guided online course will help traditional classroom instructors understand their role and the intricacies of teaching online. Topics will include:

  • Overriding concepts of online teaching
  • Major organizations and trends in online learning
  • How to create a community in an online course
  • Setting student expectations
  • Customizing online content
  • Monitoring student activity
  • Communication planning
  • Instructional strategies
  • How to conduct live lessons
  • Providing grades and feedback
  • Assessment strategies






Learn How to Design and Develop Online Curriculum

Designing effective online curriculum can be a challenge for traditional classroom teachers. GPA makes it easier with this professional development course covering the basic instructional design principles involved in creating digital lessons, activities and assessments. Course Builder is a teacher-guided online course which includes 20-30 hours of instruction, practice and projects covering the following:

  • Preliminary course planning
  • The Understanding by Design (UbD) framework
  • Identifying essential content
  • Designing quality formative and summative assessments
  • Developing computer automated feedback in an LMS
  • Creating instructional units
  • Developing authentic project-based learning assignments
  • Research-based, open-ended assessments
  • Leveraging existing online resources
  • Accelerating development with OER
  • Strategies for creating engaging direct instruction
  • Video recording and presentation software
  • Note-taking templates
  • Reflection prompts
  • Authentic online collaboration activities

Learn more about this online course or check out our blog for tips on designing and developing curriculum in an online or blended model.
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Learn How To Lead the Adoption of a Blended Model

If you’ve been tasked with transforming your school or district with the help of online or blended learning you’ll want to check out GPA’s professional development course-Program Builder. You’ll learn how to identify, align and support stakeholders, develop a strategic plan for your program, choose technologies, curriculum and teaching models, hire the right staff and market your program to the masses.
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